March 28, 2017


9 Things to Watch Out for When the 'It' Trailer Drops

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

The first teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King's It is officially due on Wednesday, March 29, and there's a lot we're dying to see, hear and possibly even taste. The Andrés Muschietti–directed movie's not out until Sept. 8, so here's what you can watch out for when the trailer drops. We've also got our massive Complete Guide to It for you.

1. Pennywise's voice: We've seen photos of young Swede Bill Skarsgård's reinterpretation of the shapeshifting clown made famous by Tim Curry, but this will really be the piece that puts fans deep into their corners of skepticism or enthusiasm.

2. Finn Wolfhard: With It being set in the 1980s, we'll be looking for all the little totems of nostalgia. But this 14-year-old Stranger Things actor has the unique power to make us feel warm and fuzzy memories...for an '80s-set horror series that came out last year.

3. Bev and Ben: Of the seven Losers' Club members not played by Finn Wolfhard, these are the two we've got the best early feeling about. We'll have a special eye on Jeremy Ray Taylor's Ben Hanscom and Sophia Lillis' Beverly Marsh.

4. 29 Neibolt Street: The site of one of the kids' biggest, most terrifying showdowns with It has appeared in a lot of the lead-up imagery. An early report from a writer who saw the trailer also has us thinking we'll visit 29 Neibolt.

5. The adults: It has been designed as a two-part film, with this fall's introduction centering on the Losers' Club's childhood battle with Derry's ancient evil, and the conclusion returning to their adult faceoff. Any hint of the kids' three-decades-later adult selves will be a promise that the bigger picture is on display from the jump.

6. The fridge: If you see a fridge in the woodsy, sewer-y Barrens, strongly consider your threshold for gore and violence before buying your ticket.

7. The Derry Public Library: This key location's presence will be another sign Muschietti & Co. are closely honoring King's 1986 tome. Easy to leave out, wise to include.

8. The Turtle: Any glimpses of/hints at a certain shelled reptile will also point to deference to King's novel and the mythology that extends far past Derry, Maine. The Turtle is a major part of The Dark Tower's interdimensional lore.

9. Balloons: Maybe they'll do a specific, eerie coup de grâce with one or two balloons—but maybe they'll find a way to employ a whole flock and scare us away from ever attending another birthday party.

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