March 23, 2017


James Corden Sends Heartfelt Tribute to London Terror Attack Victims: Watch

Following the tragic attacks on London's Westminster Bridge on Wednesday, James Corden shared a message about the horrible event on The Late Late Show. The TV host, who is a London native, sent his "heartfelt thoughts" to his hometown and everyone in the U.K.

“There was a terror attack today in my hometown, the city of London in Westminster. While we’re filming this, it’s still unknown what the motives were," Corden began. "What we do know at this point is that people have lost their lives and many, many more have been injured." 

“It was funny, watching the news today, I felt a really long, long way from home,” Corden continued. “And it’s funny when something like that happens in your hometown, you don’t have a feeling of being glad that you’re so far away, what you feel is that you wish you could be there with loved ones to stand alongside them.”

According to the BBC, the British-born assailant drove his car down a pavement on Westminster Bridge and ran over dozens of pedestrians in the process. After crashing the car into the gate outside the Palace of Westminster, the attacker fatally stabbed a police officer. He was then shot by the police. Two others were killed and at least 40 victims were injured.

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