March 9, 2017


Linkin Park Drop 'Heavy' Video Feat. Kiiara

Linkin Park's new single "Heavy"—"really the core sound" of their new album, they say—has really grown on us. And now, a few weeks after the comeback singled rumbled into view, the harrowing, Kiiara-featuring anthem has its own Linkin Park–ishly intense video.

"Heavy" has co-vocalist Chester Bennington trashing his apartment, fighting a double of himself and wilding out at what looks like an AA meeting. Also, he drives an ill Mercedes. Check it out above.

"It was more violent and more intense making this video than any other video," Bennington told Music Choice. Also:

"What's funny is, like, this song is, like, not a heavy song, but I destroyed more stuff making this song than, like, any other song. ... Like, I got into like fist fights with myself, fist fights with other people, breaking a bunch of stuff. I got to take a lamp and throw it through a television set. Like, I've wrecked so much stuff, it was awesome."

Linkin Park will drop One More Light, their seventh album, on May 19. Next, go back in time with a Fuse x Chester Bennington interview: