March 10, 2017


Political Expert's Amazing Young Kids Bust Up BBC Video Interview

The internet's favorite video today is deep, provocative stuff, with Professor Robert E. Kelly working through some geopolitical thoughts with the BBC. "Scandals happen all the time, the question is how do democracies respond to those scandals?" he asks at the start.

Then we get to see how the Kelly democracy deals with such scandals when these little kids disturb the enriching proceedings like rowdy locals crashing an on-the-ground news broadcast.

JK, these kids are the new rulers of the free world. Watch above as a little girl marches in all, "Yo, MY turn to tell the BBC what's up. Dad, slide over. Seriously, get up. You want a bite of this marker? Not supposed to eat it, but I'm not telling."

Next, a toddler rolls in with a bouncy walker. Toddlers do not speak, but his thoughts have been loosely translated to, "YEAHHHHH LET'S DO THIS SIS! HI DAD, HI WORLD!"

Next, Kelly's wife slides in at 190 mph to collect the fame-thirsty deviants as efficiently as possible.

Robert E. Kelly does some cleansing shutting of the eyes in order to maintain his stoicism. Classic "I Cannot Fucking Believe You Colored on My Prada Glasses with Sharpie But You're Too Young to Know Any Better" face. The BBC—which posted the video on its official YouTube specifically in gaffe clip form—writes that Kelly managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully."