March 30, 2017


New 'It' Trailer & Old 'It' Miniseries Get Side-by-Side Comparison Video

The first trailer for the first big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's It arrived yesterday and yanked us all right into its storm drain. It didn't take 24 hours for a fan to give a static side-by-side comparison of the 1990 ABC miniseries and Andrés Muschietti's upcoming film. If your nostalgia meter went through the roof with the new trailer—if Georgie Denbrough's trip to the storm drain seemed nearly shot-for-shot identical, if Pennywise felt more like Pennywise than you expected—you're about to see how right you were.

Even with the original's 1950s setting (for the early half) being updated to the '80s, the commonality across the board here is chilling. While Muschietti's It remake has been hyped as being more faithful to the 1986 novel, it's clearly honoring the miniseries as well. There's no ignoring the improvements allowed by 2017 technology and a Hollywood budget.

Update: As a bonus, has created its own side-by-side video with different shots and a different layout:

It hits theaters Sept. 8.

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