March 22, 2017


'Power Rangers' Planning Six Movies, Probably Starting Sequel Immediately

Kimberley French
Kimberley French

Last May, when the Power Rangers movie reboot was but a twinkle in the internet's eye, the CEO of Lionsgate said, “We could see doing five or six or seven.” 

Now creator Haim Saban is doubling down. “We already have a six-movie story arc,” he tells Variety. At the article's end, he adds, “If this film is as successful as I hope on March 24, on March 25 we’ll have the first story meeting for Movie No. 2.”

In a world where Marvel and Star Wars have expansive universes playing out onscreen every year, where DC is working on the same thing and Universal's getting a similar web going with their classic movie monsters, why wouldn't Power Rangers try it too?

Saban compared the goofy effects of his original 1990s series (many times plural) to the shiny excellence due in theaters on Friday. “But today’s young audience is much more sophisticated,” Saban says. “Think about movies like Jungle Book and Arrival. The effects are mind-boggling. So does the young audience expect more? You bet they do—and they will have it.”

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