March 3, 2017


Remy Ma Drops Fiery 'Another One' Nicki Minaj Diss Song, Minaj Still Fails to Respond

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Getty Images

Oh you thought Remy Ma was done with Nicki Minaj? The Bronx rapstress dropped her second diss track "Another One" last night, which she premiered on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show. The tune comes just less than a week since Remy released the scorching "ShETHER" on Feb. 25 that borrows Nas' classic "Ether" instrumental.

"I guess you know now who the head bitch is / I'm a savage, I be killing dead bitches / I bet you wish you ain't never said shit," Remy spits with a vicious and confident flow. "Now they so busy shooting videos, and I'm like nah / Where the fuck is your song? / I mean, come on." "Another One" isn't available yet for streaming, but you can listen to the radio rip here via Complex.

Along with the "Another One" diss, Remy also reportedly uploaded (and later deleted) a NSFW photo of Minaj on her Instagram. It showed a pre-fame and pre-butt job Minaj on all fours with her thong-wearing booty in the air while licking her lips (click here to see it). "Still 'unbothered' Spongebob? @nickiminaj #B4TheButtJob #shETHER #Another1 #KeepCallinHatingOnMeAndWatchWhatGoUpNext #iNEVERpostanddeleteButThisBitchGonnaReportMyPage" Remy captioned the pic.

Minaj has yet to respond to either diss tracks, despite her incessant need to always subtweet or shade fellow female rappers. So instead of hitting the booth, she has been sneakily liking tweets from fans that insult Remy Ma and going to various shows during Paris Fashion Week. Minaj can easily call out pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, but somehow always fails to show up when it comes to a legitimate hip-hop feud. Surprising? Not so much.

Take a brief step back from the beef with this Fat Joe and Remy Ma interview, where they discuss being independent business partners with Fuse: