March 27, 2017


Future Women's History Month: Sofia Reyes' Crucial Crossover Potential

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Fuse is celebrating Women's History Month by looking at a variety of rising forces who are creating Future Women's History before our eyes. While Hispanic artists have become and continue to be an integral part of the U.S. music industry, when it comes to the representative females there's an obvious imbalance. While the likes of Selena, Thalia, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made important crossover moves for Latin acts, there's been a lack of new talent to continue their legacy. Yet, it finally feels like this current drought of Latina superstars may end with someone like Sofia Reyes.

Last year, the Mexican singer-songwriter who's become known for her brand of bilingual bangers (see "Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)" or "Muévelo"), saw "Solo Yo"—which was released in both Spanish and English—hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart making her the first female in five years to score the top slot as a lead artist. The last lady to accomplish such a feat? None other than J.Lo.

The 20-year-old previously spoke to Fuse about the lack of females in her main industry. "In the Latin market, there's just a few women singers," she told us earlier this month, before adding, "Actually, I don't think there's just a few, we just have to support more female artists...When I go to Latin award shows, 90 percent of the performers are men and just one or two girls are performing. It's something I don't understand."

While Latina-American females are certainly slaying in the English-speaking market—see Selena GomezDemi LovatoFifth HarmonyCamila CabelloBecky G—Ms. Reyes is operating in a unique space with the Latin-pop scene as her base, but a bilingual approach to music. It's an innovative and accessible take to music—Sofia says that "making my music bilingual would get to more people around the world"—and it's starting to prove how a female can lead the way and continue cracking into a male-heavy sector to bring us the next, necessary Latina superstar.

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