March 23, 2017


A Spider-Man Spinoff With Silver Sable & Black Cat Is In the Works


Marvel continues to flourish in Hollywood as Sony plans to expand the Spider-Man universe even further. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film executives are currently developing a spinoff based on female comic book characters Silver Sable and the Black Cat. Chris Yost, who is behind November's Thor: Ragnarok movie, is penning the script, building on a draft written by Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy. 

Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal will be co-producing, and Sony is searching for directors. They plan to begin shooting in the fall. The two women are big players in Spider-Man's world. Black Cat (a.k.a Felicia Hardy) is a world-renowned cat burglar who has a long romantic past with Spidey, similar to the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. Felicity Hardy was recently portrayed by Felicity Jones in 2014's Amazing Spider-Man 2, but her naughty alter-ego wasn't exposed.

As for Silver Sable? She is a mercenary and the leader of the Wild Pack. The character has been both an ally and antagonist to Spider-Man. THR points out the spinoffs don't stem from the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming but are projects lifted from the overall franchise and based on Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man universe.

Sony is keeping busy with new movie releases, as they recently announced a Venom spinoff will premiere on Oct. 5, 2018. Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car) will climb into theaters on July 7, 2017. Click here to see the epic trailer starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Robert Downey Jr. back as Iron Man.

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