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10 Most WTF 'Power Rangers' Monsters From the Original Series

With the new 'Power Rangers' movie hitting theaters this weekend, including Elizabeth Banks' re-imagined Rita Repulsa, what better time to look back at some of the weirdest villains from the original show

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Eye Guy

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 8 – “I, Eye Guy"

Backstory: Billy, the Blue Ranger, is mentoring a younger student, Willie, for the Angel Grove Junior Science Fair, and of course Rita wants to steal the kid's intelligence. She sends down one of her favorite monsters, Eye Guy, who is known for luring Earth's smartest children, capturing them and stealing their intelligence. He's also literally just a clump of eye balls.

Most WTF line: "I spy some Power Rangers!"

Gear up for the new movie by checking out our interview with the new Power Rangers cast talking about what it was like joining such a beloved franchise.

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Pudgy Pig

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1, Episodes 6 – “Food Fight

Backstory: During Angel Grove High School's multicultural food festival a food fight breaks out (lasting nearly half the episode) and inspires Rita to send a Pudgy Pig with a huge appetite down to Earth to eat "all the food." The result? A monster that's literally just a pig head with arms and legs (no body) that's randomly wearing a Roman soldier helmet. K. How did they defeat him, you ask? Oh, just by feeding him some super spicy radishes (LOL).

Most WTF line: Pudgy Pig doesn't really talk beyond a few grunts and giggles, but it's worth noting that each time he ate one of the Power Rangers' weapons, there's a closeup of his butt and a farting sound effect.

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Mr. Ticklesneezer

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1,  Episode 9 – "For Whom the Bell Trolls"

Backstory: It's Hobby Week at Angel Grove High and Trini's presenting her doll collection. Of course her favorite doll is a creepy elf named Mr. Ticklesneezer (you can't make this up), passed down to her from her mother. Rita sends her minions to turn the doll into a real-life "monster" who collects anything he considers a "goodie" in his magic jar. Mr. Ticklesneezer ends up being relatively harmless, and to make things more confusing, the whole thing turns out to just be a dream Trini's having. Really, girl?

Most WTF line: "I don't want to hurt you, just add you to my collection. You're mine now. Mine forever."

4 / 10

Gnarly Gnome

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 5 – "Different Drum"

Backstory: When OG Power Rangers baddie Rita Repulsa concocts a plan to use a music monster to "mesmerize" the rangers to their doom, her resident monster-maker Finster warns that musical monsters aren't reliable (foreshadowing!), but Rita insists. Gnarley Gnome is an evil, Viking-inspired gnome who plays a magic accordion with a "hypnotic" tune that lures innocent teens to a cave, as a trap for the Power Rangers.

Most WTF line: "I smell Power Rangers coming! Can someone tie my shoes?"

5 / 10

Pumpkin Rapper

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 54 – "Trick or Treat"

Backstory: It's Halloween in Angel Grove and Zordon detects some strange happenings in a pumpkin patch (of course). When the Rangers go to check it out, they discover one of the lamest Power Rangers monsters ever: a villain that has a pumpkin for a head and distracts using his "clever raps and rhymes." Hey, it was the early '90s and hip-hop was the cool new thing, okay?! Spoiler alert, his raps ain't that clever.

Most WTF line: "Be the first one on your block, to feel the mega, pumpkin shock!"

6 / 10

Babe Ruthless

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 32 – "A Star is Born"

Backstory: Rita's feeling kinda lazy this episode and as she sleeps it off, her minion Goldar take the lead on a new plan to get the Power Rangers. Apparently Goldar is a big baseball fan because I'm not sure why else he'd have Finster create the strange baseball-themed monster Babe Ruthless (get it?). FYI: This monster's hands are baseball gloves...with claws. Why?

Most WTF line: "When Babe Ruthless pitches his lightning, all in its path will be punished!" (An odd choice of words since the actual "Babe" Ruth was more famous for batting than pitching.)

7 / 10


Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 19 – "Two For One"

Backstory: Newly crowned White Ranger Tommy and Pink Ranger Kimberly go on a date, but season two head baddie Lord Zedd is NOT feeling' the love. His genius plan? Turn Kim's purse into a monster. Yep. That's not even the weirdest part. The purse the Putty Patrollers steal to make the monster is a clear, box shape, yet the monster ends up looking more like a coin purse. Pursehead proceeds to use contents of the purse as weapons to fight the Rangers, like giant electric floss.

Most WTF line: "Oh my! Don't you look fierce! Here, have a look for yourself!" [holds up giant prop compact mirror that shoots lasers]

8 / 10

Showbiz Monster

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 33 – "Lights, Camera, Action"

Backstory: The Rangers are set to make their TV debut to spread their "special message" about education. Zedd's first plan, to capture the Rangers and create evil versions of them to go on TV instead, actually sounds pretty cool. So, of course it never happens. Instead, Zedd creates the very literal Showbiz Monster from a TV camera. From there, the TV/movie production puns just pile up.

Most WTF line: "Haha! You'll never make it to intermission!"

9 / 10

Crabby Cabbie

Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 22 – "Follow That Cab!"

Backstory: When Kimberly's car gets stolen, Angel Grove's newest Junior Police (huh?) Bulk and Skull commandeer a nearby taxi to chase the perp. Kim hops in because it's her car they're tracking. Zedd and Rita, watching from afar, have other plans. Sure, why not turn the whole cab into a monster and trap the Pink Ranger inside? To top it off, Crabby Cabbie spews non-stop car puns, all in a bad fake New York accent.

Most WTF line: "All this dancin' is wearin' me out here! I'm gettin' exhausted! Matter fact, YOU'RE gettin' exhausted!" [sprays car exhaust steam at the Megazord]

10 / 10


Netflix/SCG Power Rangers LLC

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 8 – "A Brush With Destiny"

Backstory: Kimberly's mom is engaged to a famous French painter and says the whole family is moving to Paris. When Kim starts having nightmares about the move, including her step-father-to-be turning into a weird mole monster made of French clichés (and a really bad French accent), Zedd and Rita decide to make this (dumb) monster a real-life threat for the Rangers. Get it? Kim has to face her fears (literally) to save her friends. In the end, Aisha the Yellow Ranger and her family offer to let Kim live with them to finish out the school year. Crisis averted!

Most WTF line: "And now to create my masterpiece: Rangers in danger!" [insert fake French laugh]

Get ready for the new Power Rangers movie by watching our interview with the whole cast where they tell us what it was like joining such a beloved franchise:

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