April 11, 2017


Alanis Morissette Responds to Apology From Manager Who Stole Millions From Her

David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images
David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images

Last May, Alanis Morissette sued her ex-business manager Jonathan Schwartz claiming she was robbed of at least $4.7 million dollars. While the parties eventually reached a confidential settlement, Schwartz penned an open letter for The Hollywood Reporter today where he came clean about stealing millions from clients and asked for forgiveness following pleading guilty to embezzling money due to a gambling addiction.

"My gambling addiction grew, particularly as I became more successful," he wrote in the apology letter where he claimed to be nearly a year free of gambling. "With that success came very high levels of stress to constantly meet my clients’ demands and constantly compete with others in the industry to be the best. I often turned to drugs to deal with the stress but mostly sought refuge in the world of sports gambling...at first, I 'borrowed' a little from clients, with the hopes that I would pay them back if I won that night’s bet," That snowballed, and as I kept losing, I kept stealing. I kept telling myself that I just needed one lucky break, and I’ll pay them back."

"I will spend the rest of my life asking for forgiveness and making amends to everyone I have hurt," the letter later continues. "Part of my amends include making sure that others who might be in my former situation, in super stressful jobs where the demands feel overwhelming, do not turn to drugs or gambling to deal with the stress or violate their responsibilities to others hoping no one will notice, but seek help from those around them or treatment before it is too late. Please use me as an example."

Morissette gave a statement to THR following the public apology: "I would be apprehensive to believe any words that come out of Jonathan Schwartz's mouth."

Cold as ice. 

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