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Internet Wins Again!

Future's 'Mask Off' Certified Gold Thanks to #MaskOffChallenge: The 10 Best Videos

The Internet's latest craze is just as good as the #MannequinChallenge!

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The Trendsetter

@BonafideTye is credited for being the person to kick off the entire #MaskOffChallenge, and she did it all in the comfort of her bathroom. “My friends had been begging me to cover it for the longest,” she told Complex. “I saw a few people cover 'Mask Off' before I did, but they weren’t flutes. I thought, 'Eh, why not?' Then shortly after I posted it, everything blew up in my face, and I mean that in the most epic way possible.” Tye revealed that she's been playing the flute for about 12 years.

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A Classy Twerk Session

@_blackDICE graciously shared a clip of her aunt @physiquebelus putting her spin on Future's inescapable smash from his self-titled fifth album. While many other #MaskOffChallenges also find other people playing the flute, this one is made even more special thanks to some fun twerking towards the end. We're shook!

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A Trap Orchestra

It was only a matter of time until Vine star-turned-comedian Reggie Couz got a hold of the challenge! His version is nothing short of hilarious, as it combines the art form choir harmonies with the trap mentality of "Mask Off." Couz's club-ready dance moves and lopsided wig top everything off.

4 / 10

Shredding Session

Max Steele tweeted "I'm no Hendrix" when he uploaded his challenge video. While he's not a rapper like Future Hendrix, Steele surely took notes from the late rock icon of the same name. His electric guitar rendition is pure magic and we definitely need to hear the full version. 

5 / 10

A Change In Instruments

The original "Mask Off" features flutes in its production, but Leroy (a.k.a. That Trumpet Guy) decided to use an instrument of the brass variety. This take sounds way more suave than Future's own.

6 / 10

A Spot-On Rendition

Henny Williams shared a clip of his sister absolutely killing the challenge! She is a flutist herself and sounded like she was right there in the studio with Future and producer Metro Boomin.

7 / 10

Some Talented Strings

@ShoMeStringz showed off her incredible talent on the violin while doing the #MaskOffChallenge. This version may seem regular at first, but she takes it to another level when she unexpectedly begins plucking the strings.

8 / 10

Classical Vibes

Ezinma was one of the first people on Twitter to join the challenge. Her impassioned version will have you deep in your feelings—no Molly and Percocet necessary!

9 / 10

Who Needs Instruments?

@Jstlivinbby became a social media sensation thanks to her unfiltered and relatable personality, so it wasn't long until she joined in the challenge. But instead of using a flute or violin, she opted for truly iconic vocals. But the star of the whole clip is her friend who provides some memorable harmonies!

10 / 10

Smooth Jazz Melodies

This challenge video combines trap and jazz in the sexiest clip to date! The young man in the clip would surely make Kenny G proud thanks to his enticing saxophone talents.

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