April 6, 2017


Comedian/Actor Don Rickles Dead at 90

Harry Langdon/Getty Images
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Don Rickles, the actor, comedian and voice-over pro, has died at age 90. He passed of kidney failure at his L.A. home on Thursday. His screen credits include Casino, C.P.O. Sharkey, Gilligan's Island, I Love Lucy and the Toy Story movies, where he brought Mr. Potato Head to life. "He was still regularly working and had a recent gig touring with Regis Philbin," The Hollywood Reporter writes.

Rickles' reputation always hovered around the grand genre that is insult comedy, with nicknames like Mr. Warmth and the Merchant of Venom. The New York Times remembers his "outrageously derisive comments about people’s looks, their ethnicity, their spouses, their sexual orientation, their jobs or anything else he could think of," noting that Rickles' real-life kindness balanced it out.

Don Rickles was born in Queens on May 8, 1926. He married his wife, Barbara Sklar, at the age of 38; they celebrated their 52nd anniversary in March. He leaves behind a daughter and two grandchildren; the couple's son died at 41. Rickles was famously best friends with Bob Newhart.