April 24, 2017


Frank Ocean Drops New Songs Feat. Young Thug & Travis Scott

Frank Ocean went independent last summer, and lately he's been having fun with it, dropping one-off songs whenever he feels like it. They could be individual parts of an upcoming whole project, but that's not the flavor we're getting. This feels like a Frank much less focused on one overarching, painstakingly fine-tuned project and more like a Frank throwing out little pieces he's happy with.

Take the latest batch of new songs, for example. We've got "Slide on Me," a rework of the Endless standout now featuring Young Thug. There's also "Lens," a nice little ditty, and a Travis Scott–featuring version that's over six minutes long. Listen to the latter above, hit the solo version on Spotify, and inhale the Thug collab below:

The tracks came courtesy of a surprise pair of episodes of Blonded Radio on Beats 1. A couple weeks before "Lens" and "Slide on Me," Frank dropped "Biking," a Jay Z/Tyler, the Creator summit that was fine but not nearly good enough for the occasion. Prior to that was "Chanel," a stunning March track that arrived with an A$AP Rocky remix.

Frank first hit our ears in 2017 with our continued daily Blonde listens the Calvin Harris single "Slide," co-starring Migos and currently sitting at No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Watch Frank explain why winning a BRIT Award "is like skydiving" back in 2013: