April 27, 2017


HAIM Return With New 'Right Now' Video, Announce Album Release Date: Watch

They're baackkkk! HAIM have stuck to their word and finally dropped the video for "Right Now," their first single in three years. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it follows the same treatment as the band's previous teasers, highlighting the ladies' raw talent in the recording studio.

As for the song? It's quite mellow, starting off slow with tender vocals and steady cymbals before widening its melodies with heavier percussion and piano notes. "You saying that you need me babe, right now right now," Danielle and Este sing on the sparse chorus. Now this is the live version, so the studio release may sound a bit cleaner.

"You can really hear the room mics are really loud and us stomping around," Danielle told Zane Lowe about the video today (April 27). "Paul was adamant about wanting to hear Alana click on her pedal. You can hear that click when she does it and you can hear our heels and we were like, 'Wow, this Is crazy I can't believe we pulled this off in a day.'"

Alana continued, "The song kind of evolved. It was very much where we were with the song at that point and it kind of evolved from there. That was our starting point so that was a very special moment for him to shoot because everything changed." Along with releasing "Right Now," HAIM also announced the date for their new album. Something to Tell You, the follow-up to their 2013 Days Are Gone debut, will be out on July 7. 

The trio are also set to perform on Saturday Night Live on May 13, with Melissa McCarthy as the host. But before then, celebrate #TBT with this 2013 Lollapalooza interview where HAIM talk their debut album and a frightening onstage diabetic attack: