April 24, 2017


HAIM Continues to Share Teasers For New Music: Watch

Get ready to squeal with excitement because fresh music from HAIM is on the horizon! The sisters dropped another video teaser that signals something (a new single? a release date reveal?) is coming this week. Well, April 27 to be exact.

The band released a clip early this morning that opened with them going hard on the drums in a pretty epic battle. This could be the foundation of a new song...or just them auditioning for a Battle of the Bands contest. Either way, it's just enough to keep us fans salivating for more. It then ends with a quick message: April 27, 9AM ET. So set your alarms now!

The new teaser comes after HAIM's shorter one last week, which showed Danielle Haim completely murdering a drum set in a recording studio. This is all prep for the band's long-awaited sophomore album that follows their 2013 GRAMMY-nominated debut, Days Are Gone. "We've just been in the studio so long, perfecting and trying to get it right," they wrote on Instagram last March ahead of their summer tour. "At this point we just want to go out there and play the songs live."

Ahead of Thursday's announcement, go back in time with this 2013 Lollapalooza interview where HAIM talk their debut album and a frightening onstage diabetic attack: