April 4, 2017


'Invader Zim' Coming Back to Nickelodeon for TV Movie


Rejoice, earthlings! Nickelodeon has just announced plans to revive Invader Zim for a television movie.

The revival comes via a 90-minute movie that Nick says features the show's "perpetually desperate and delusional" titular star creating a new plan to destroy the Earth with his adorably ineffective robot sidekick Gir. The movie brings back four of the show's main voice cast members including Richard Horvitz (who voiced Zim), Rikki Simons (Gir), Andy Berman (who plays Dib, Zim's archnemesis) and Melissa Fahn (Gaz, Dib's younger sister).

Despite the series only lasting two seasons since its 2001 premiere, the show and its characters have developed a modern-day cult following which likely influenced its return.

For those keeping track, the Invader Zim TV movie marks the third '90s/'00s revival from Nickelodeon. First up, we'll get Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie this year, while a Rocko's Modern Life special is currently in production.

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