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Michelle Branch's 15 Best Deep Cuts & Album Tracks

Michelle Branch is finally coming back to us on Friday, April 7 after 14 long years away. Ahead of the release of 'Hopeless Romantic,' revisit some of the singer-songwriter's best material

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"'Til I Get Over You"

Ugh, my heartstrings. This song pairs well with lots of ice cream and Real Housewives binging, if that's your post-breakup style. And even if it's not, it's a gorgeous ballad peppered with French lyrics, an ode to her mother's ancestry. 

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"Creep" (Radiohead Cover)

Michelle broke her 14-year hiatus only to share this lovely cover of Radiohead's "Creep," which is admittedly much more pretty than the original thanks to her lilting, signature vocals, which scrape the lower register in such a satisfying way. 

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"Find Your Way Back"

Those first chords! That key change! Those lyrics! This Hotel Paper cut is so quintessential Michelle Branch— a song about longing and self-doubt—that everyone should start here.  

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"I'm Feeling You" feat. Michelle Branch & The Wreckers

Everyone knows "The Game of Love," but Michelle and Santana paired up again in 2005 for this feel-good track. It's guitar-heavy, of course, but it's also got a bit more country twang thanks to the addition of her band at the time, The Wreckers. Press play and bob your head in corny enthusiasm. 

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"Washing Machine"

Yep, we're going extremely old-school. This simple, stripped melody shows what Michelle Branch can do with just her voice and an acoustic guitar—which is a lot. Plus, she was just 17 when Broken Bracelet was released.

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"Love Me Like That" feat. Sheryl Crow

Michelle Branch + Sheryl Crow = meltingly good guitar picking, syrupy harmonies and sharp lyrics like, "How can you turn and walk away? Pretending everything's okay."

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"Paper Pieces"

This is a fun one that sounds like it would be included on a Riot grrrl cassette tape or the soundtrack of Daria. The usage of (what sounds like) effect pedals and reverb is out of the ordinary for Michelle, but we love it.

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"You Get Me"

This song is so straightforward and saccharine I have a cavity. It perfectly encapsulates that feeling of falling in love—whether it be with a significant other or a best friend—becayse someone understands all your quirks and loves you despite of them.

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"Loud Music"

Originally intended for an unreleased fourth studio album, "Loud Music" feels like a prelude to her newest material from Hopeless Romantic: Louder (pun intended), more electric and easy to belt out with the car windows down. 

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"If You Happen to Call"

This one-off 2011 track is an extremely addictive clapback to the fuckboy you just can't seem to shake off.

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Another track from the unreleased album West Coast Time, it's got all the classic elements of a Michelle Branch diddy: lots of whoa-oas, a driving tempo and lyrics that yearn for a newly discovered lover. 

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"You Set Me Free"

Michelle Branch can write one hell of an early-2000s love song. Jot this one down for your next karaoke night, because its punchy chorus is fun to scream and the guitar break gives you the perfect amount of time to embarassingly pretend like you know how to dance.  

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"Getaway" with Timbaland

A collab I truly did not see coming, but the na na na nas are nice and catchy, and this showcases Michelle's A+ vocal chops. 

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Is that you Wilco? Those synthy bleeps and bloops are not signature Michelle, and that's a really good thing. It's still a shame this album was never released, but at least we have YouTube. 

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"Long Goodbye" feat. Dwight Yoakam

If you're into country Michelle Branch, this is the song for you. She calls Yoakam one of her favorite artists, and it shows in the passion verging on desperation in her voice, which floats over and alongside his plucky drawl. 


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