April 4, 2017


Alessia Cara Talks Meeting, Writing for Rihanna

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Update: Alessia Cara has clarified she had not written for Rihanna's upcoming album, but for 2016's Anti and that Rihanna ended up not using the song. You can still watch Alessia's adorable story of meeting Rih below.

Original Story: Alessia Cara was undoubtedly one of 2016's breakout stars and the "Wild Things" singer revealed that things are only getting more exciting by writing for Rihanna.

While recounting her past year of accomplishments, the 20-year-old dropped the major news that she met and worked with Rih. "I got to meet Rihanna," she told JunoTV. "I didn't even take a picture with her. I just met her and it was awesome. It was to work on her album, which is crazy, so I just went in there. I was like, 'Hi! Great to meet you! I love you!' I just did my thing and left." Watch the story below:

Alessia added an adorable anecdote about @badgalriri too: "I went for the handshake and she went for the hug. She was so sweet. I love Rihanna, I'm obsessed, just meeting her was crazy."

The news also indicates that maybe a new Rihanna album isn't too far off? It's already been more than a year since 2016's Anti so maybe Rih's itching to get back to her annual album releases? While we wait and see, take it back to an old-school Rihanna interview from 2006 where the singer recalls pre-fame life in Barbados: