April 5, 2017


Rivers Cuomo's Second Japanese-Language Album Coming Soon: Hear 'Fun in the Sun (RIP Slyme)'

Scott & Rivers
Scott & Rivers

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo made an album mostly sung in Japanese once. Now he's done it twice, teaming again with Allister pop-punkster Scott Murphy under the moniker Scott & Rivers. Their new 12-track album, ニマイメ, has been listed in the Japanese iTunes store as an April 12 release. It follows 2013's self-titled debut.

A rep tells Pitchfork the LP will be exclusive to Japan, but how could it possibly not stream around the world in 2017? Below, hear the previously released but newly spotlighted song "Fun in the Sun" feat. PES. It's one of two tracks with English in the titles:

Cuomo is killing it with the new music lately, having released the 10th Weezer record, The White Album, last April. Now The Black Album is on the horizon, with lead single "Feels Like Summer" already out.

For more unexpected Cuomo collab jazz, throw it way back to a 2010 interview with Weezer talking about working with Lil Wayne: