April 3, 2017


'Spider-Man: Homecoming': Peter Parker Gets an Embarrassing High School Nickname

Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment

wide web of reports from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming was unleashed today, and the not-too-too-revealing tidbits are many. The one that makes us certain Marvel is approaching the high school setting with razor-sharp faithfulness is this: Kids make fun of our new main man, and at least one calls him Peter "Penis" Parker. (With or without the Peter depending on whether you're on IGN's report or Slashfilm's.)

The write-ups also say Spidey will stay in high school probably through a third movie (if we get there). Director Jon Watts told io9 that in the Sam Raimi/Toby Maguire trilogy, "he’s only in high school for like 10 minutes." Producer Eric Carroll added, “We want to keep in him high school as long as possible. When Sony and [Marvel] sat down we said ‘Why do this version?’ It’s because we can really lean into the high school of it. This is a fun different take." Elsewhere, Carroll said Spider-Man: Homecoming showcases the MCU's "everyman" side. "It’s not just ‘What’s up with Black Panther and his friends?’—it’s ‘What up with that school full of kids we know and love?’”

Our new star, the 20-year-old Brit Tom Holland, went undercover at a school in the Bronx to prepare. His own schooling in London involved suit-and-tie uniforms and zero girls. He told io9:

“I had a fake name and I put on an accent, and I went for like three days. I basically had to go to this science school and blend in with all the kids, and some of the teachers didn’t even know...but to be in a school where you can be free and let loose, and be with girls, it was so different. Like so different. It was a really great experience.”

To ScreenCrush, he added, “It was a science school, and I am in no way a science student [laughs]. Some of the teachers would call me up in front of the class and try to get me to do science equations and stuff—it was so embarrassing."

Let's see, what else? Hannibal Buress plays a coach at the school, and Donald Glover's role remains shrouded in total secrecy. For more, Reddit's collecting the many set reports.

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