April 21, 2017


Steve Irwin's Son Robert Brings Baby Black Bears & Freaky Legless Lizards to 'Fallon'

It was only two months ago that 13-year-old Robert Irwin, son of Steve, won our fuzzy hearts on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he's already back. On Thursday night the khaki-clad Australian brought the host a scorpion, LEGLESS LIZARDS and some baby black bears, one of which promptly chewed on Fallon's fingers.

It's too cute. Completely too cute.

There's also a neat guy called a binturong; hit the 7:05 mark, you YouTube zoologist. To close, The Roots help out with some green aracari toucans.

Fallon noted that Robert Irwin and the Australia Zoo have launched the Crikey! Club, which takes you through the zoo and archival videos. Subscribers also get Crikey! magazine. 

At the start of the visit, Fallon celebrated Irwin's previous guest turn getting 50 million views on FB, which the li'l guy looked helplessly giddy about. (Another 9 milli on YouTube, too.) They also took a look at eerily similar side-by-side childhood photos of father and son. 

Robert's sister Bindi launched the TV show Bindi the Jungle Girl at the age of eight; she's also done Bindi's Bootcamp, Steve Irwin's Wildlife Heroes and Dancing with the Stars.