April 13, 2017


Tamagotchis Are Back: How to Get Your Hands on One

Xavier ROSSI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Xavier ROSSI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

'90s kids, your prayers of nostalgia have been answers: Tamagotchis have returned.

Bandai, the toy maker who originally brought the digital pet-keychain combo to the world in the '90s, is re-releasing its original Tamagotchi model to celebrate its 20th anniversary. There are a few catches, though: The new toys are only being released in Japan and the new version will be slightly smaller than the original, says The Telegraph.

And if you're down and not traveling to Japan anytime soon, Bandai has made the little guys available to purchase on Amazon Japan. The Tamagotchi is ¥1,900 (or a little more than $17).

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