April 26, 2017


Korn Say 'Inspiring' 12-Year-Old Bassist Tye Trujillo Isn't 'Just Some Replacement'


Young bass god Tye Trujillo has two dates left in for Fieldy on Korn's South American tour, and the band has given out some glowing praise for the 12-year-old son of Metallica bassman Robert Trujillo. "It’s not just some replacement—this is the DNA of Robert Trujillo, one of the greatest bass players on the planet!" co-founding guitarist Munky tells NME. "You can see it—it’s crazy how much you see his dad in him." (He added that the elder Trujillo is along for the ride, "just hanging out, shootin’ the shit and catching up.")

Munky, a 46-year-old father of two, went on to praise Tye's skills and drive:

"[Tye] knows like 17, 18 Korn songs, and he knows them really well—it’s crazy. All the stops, and the breaks… it’s crazy to see somebody that young so talented. He’s gonna be a professional musician, and to know that at that early of an age is just inspiring. ... When we go to the shows, he’s got people wanting his picture and his autograph—he’s a little overwhelmed, but he’s handling himself just like his dad, which is cool, collected and modest.”

Korn, Trujillo Edition play in Santiago, Chile on Thursday and Lima, Peru on Saturday. They've also hit Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Asked if Tye Trujillo's band The Helmets could someday open for Korn, Munky laughed and answered, “That would be really sweet actually!”

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