April 20, 2017


Haunting 'Wrestling With Chyna' Trailer Goes Inside the WWE Star's Life: Watch

Fans will get a glimpse of the late WWE wrestling star Chyna in an upcoming documentary about her life. The trailer, released today, is a haunting journey of the moments that seemingly lead to her tragic passing.

Lead by documentarian Erik Angra, the teaser shows the wrestler (whose real name is Joan Laurer) returning to her Redondo Beach, Calif. home after spending a few years overseas. “If I need one valium, I take one valium. If I need three…," Chyna, who has struggled with substance abuse throughout her life, candidly tells the camera. She later recalls, “I went from a billion dollar commodity to on the street." The most tragic moment occurs towards the very end, where a friend calls out Chyna's name to no response.

Chyna was found dead in her apartment on April 20, 2016 at age 45. Her cause of death was reported to be accidental and a result of consuming alcohol and a combination of prescription drugs. Look out for the documentary's release this fall. Next, watch WWE's Rey Mysterio recall his first wrestling match at age 14: