May 10, 2017


13 Things We Need to See in '13 Reasons Why' Season 2

Beth Dubber/Netflix
Beth Dubber/Netflix

Whether we want it or not, Netflix's most-tweeted-about show of 2017, 13 Reasons Why, is coming back for a second season. In Season 1, we see the aftermath of Hannah Baker's suicide and the 13 tapes she leaves behind explaining why. Since the original source material, Jay Asher's book of the same name, ends where the show ends (keep in mind the two endings are actually very different), a lot of creative liberty is going to be taken for Season 2.

Here are 13 things we really, REALLY need to see after that doozy of an ending to Season 1.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why!

1. What happened to Alex—and who answered his phone
The biggest shock of the finale was the news that Alex shot himself. The show bait-and-switched us hard by showing Tyler buying a gun in a back alley and stockpiling ammo in a case, then flashing to an ambulance with a 17-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the head. It's unclear if Alex is alive or not, and whether his suicide (or its attempt) could have been stopped. Plus, we saw Zach get a call from Alex near the end of the finale. Was it Alex's dad informing his friends what happened? 

2. What Tyler is planning with all those guns
Despite being a creep—and just as much at fault for Hannah's fate as the others in the show—Tyler, the omnipresent school photographer, was treated like absolute shit by his classmates. Even Clay, the resident "nice guy," decided to blast a picture of Tyler's naked bum to the entire school as revenge for taking private pictures of Hannah and Courtney. (Side note: Could Clay be charged with distributing child porn for doing that?) So shooting up the school seems to be his ultimate endpoint. But if Hannah's tapes taught us anything, it should be to take care of one another. Hopefully, someone takes notice of how cruelly Tyler's been treated before it's too late. Or maybe he just loves the shooting range?

3. Where Justin went
Throughout the show, there was the sense that Justin was just a conflicted jock that didn't have control over a lot of things in his life, like his troubled home life or his douchey friends. So when we last see Justin, he's completely broken ties with Bryce for raping Justin's girlfriend, Jessica, and Hannah. Justin leaves with just a duffel bag, a bottle of vodka and a gun. He said he wouldn't be around anymore, and he doesn't really have any family to run to. So where has he gone? And will he be back? 

4. How Hannah's parents react to the tapes
Throughout the show, Hannah's parents were sadly kept in the dark about their daughter's post-death wishes. Tony, being a loyal and trusted keeper of the tapes, finally decides to disobey Hannah and let her parents listen to the reasons why she killed herself. We can only hope that they found some sort of relief in her revelations, but we're curious to see if they'll use the tapes to strengthen their case against the school. Plus, we can assume that Bryce's confession, secretly recorded by Clay, is on the audio files they received. Will they use that to prosecute him?

5. How Jessica will recover
The finale of Season 1 only started to portray the ramifications of Jessica's rape, and since she's the living, breathing survivor in this show, great care should be taken in showing her story. Showrunner Bryan Yorkey says we'll definitely see Jessica's road to recovery, but how she'll get there is up in the air. Plus, her boyfriend, who let the rape happen, pretty much just left town for (seemingly) good.

6. How Skye and Clay's relationship develops
The show hinted at Skye and Clay having some sort of history, but we never saw the full story. In what seems like a way to honor Hannah's posthumous warnings to help others in need, Clay asks Skye to hang out. Season 1 ended with Skye, Clay and Tony driving off into the distance, which might indicate somewhere happier times ahead. Whether or not Skye and Clay become something more than friends is up for debate—I saw Clay's reaching out as friendly and not romantic—but hopefully Season 2 details their tricky past.  

7. Why Hannah trusted Tony so much
Throughout Season 1, Tony acts as a Yoda-like figure, guiding Clay while he struggles to finish the tapes, providing wise proclamations that verge on whimsical and carrying out Hannah's careful instructions post-death. We saw Tony and Hannah interact a few times, but not in a way that would cement carry-out-my-last-wishes kind of friendship. Is there more to the story? Is there more to Tony's story? Since his screen time was preoccupied by being the Keeper of Cassettes, we didn't get to learn more about his life on the "bad" side of town or the ramifications of his coming out. 

8. How the case against the school will play out, specifically with Clay's mom
Clay's poor, clueless mom had no idea how involved her son actually was in Hannah's life, so if the tapes did get involved the in the ongoing case of Bakers v. The School, it would present a MAJOR conflict of interest. Honestly, not sure how she even landed a job for the school when her son goes there in the first place but, I digress. The case was one of the major plot points that was created specifically for the show, so where the creators plan to take it is unknown. 

9. What Mr. Porter will do with the tapes
Incompetent school counselor Mr. Porter was the last person on the tapes, and has them in his possession when we end Season 1. He also has Bryce's confession. Whether he chooses to show them to the school or destroy them, he's screwed either way. Something tells me he has enough of a good soul that he won't try to hide his crimes. 

10. More flashbacks of Jeff, please
Seriously. Gone way, WAY too soon, but if he could come back in some flashbacks, that'd be great. 

11. Bryce's downfall
Showrunner Bryan Yorkey has assured us that Bryce will get what's coming to him, and good God, he better. He's honestly worse than pond scum. But we *prayer hands emoji* that the secret confession Clay taped is enough to convict him. The topic of whether Hannah actually consented is a really delicate one, and we hope the show treats the nuances of sexual assault the way that it should. 

12. More of Ryan's brutal honesty
Ryan publishing Hannah's poem without her permission may not be seen as harsh as the other students' offenses, but his addition to the group provided some really refreshing, honest perspective. He rightfully called out the rest of the group for trying to hide behind a rapist so they could pretend they weren't responsible for Hannah's death. 

13. More serious warnings before episodes
Although there were originally trigger warnings before the most brutal episodes, Netflix decided to go back and add a warning before the first episode of the entire series. And though maybe the series has been the catalyst for important conversations around bullying, depression and suicide prevention, it's still extremely disturbing to watch, particularly the graphic depiction of Hannah slitting her wrists. I wish I hadn't watched so many episodes at once before going to bed, because it can be extremely overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. 

So while Season 2 is going to depict the fallout from Season 1, there's potential for even more shocking footage as we explore Jessica's sexual assault, Tyler's possible school shooting and Alex's attempt to take his own life. Whether or not the warnings will actually dissuade people from watching is questionable, but it helps to have some sort of heads-up before viewing such unsettling content. 

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