May 5, 2017


Blink-182 Play 'Always' Encore With Young Fan on Drums

Not content to simply rejigger their lineup with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba in place of spaceman Tom DeLonge, pop-punk stalwarts Blink-182 brought a fan up to play drums for an encore sans Travis Barker on Thursday night.

Alternative Press points out that at Orlando's Central Florida Fairgrounds, fans were especially adamant about demanding an encore. Then a young, confident fan got onstage. "Matt, we're gonna play a song I guess," Mark Hoppus said bemusedly. "You guys should really just go home at this point, really," he told the crowd. "There's gonna to be traffic, you guys are gonna be stuck in traffic, and you're gonna be like, 'We should've left after the confetti.'"

Once Hoppus confirmed that the fan knew how to play "Always," off 2003's self-titled, they went for it. Check out an alternate angle with worse sound but better zoom:

This week Blink announced a pair of stadium concerts with Linkin Park. Preview their upcoming California deluxe edition, due May 19, with the new track "Misery," then check out an old-school interview with the dudes at Warped Tour: