May 16, 2017


Fall Out Boy Announce 'Young and Menace' Custom Video Contest for High School Filmmakers

Ross Gilmore/Redferns
Ross Gilmore/Redferns

Fall Out Boy came back a few weeks ago with "Young and Menace," the first video and single from the upcoming album Mania. Now they want another visual, and it'll come directly from a directorially minded high school fan.

Kids have from now till July 9 to submit their "Young and Menace" videos; there's no fee. The contest is part of the All American High School Film Festival—which does welcome international entries—in a specific Music Choice Presents category. The frontrunner videos will premiere at the festival itself, at Times Square's AMC Empire 25, on the weekend of Oct. 6, 2017. The winner will be unveiled at the Teen Indie Awards on Oct. 8 at Brooklyn's Kings Theater, where more than $200,000 in scholarships and prizes will be given out, and will end up playing on Music Choice On Demand and the network's app.

"Young and Menace" is definitely suited to young people's interpretations, with Pete Wentz telling Entertainment Tonight of the original visual:

"The concept of the video is realizing that your place in the world is maybe not just what you thought it is, or thought it was growing up. I grew up as a weird kid in a place where I felt like I didn't fit in. It wasn't until finding punk rock and stuff, that I felt like I found other people who similarly felt like they didn't fit in." 

Mania will drop Sept. 15 and FOB hit the road for a month on Oct. 20.

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