May 8, 2017


Harry Styles Reveals Gorgeous, High-Flying 'Sign of the Times' Video: Watch

Harry Styles' solo career rollout continues in its grand fashion with its cinematic "Sign of the Times" video.

Watch above as the singer belts out his British-rock single in Scotland's gorgeous Isle of Skye. Soon enough we see the star take supernatural, Mary Poppins-esque flight and soar above the sea and mountains in moments that many memed when the behind-the-scenes footage leaked, but ultimately turn out very moving.

The "Sign of the Times" video previews Harry Styles' self-titled debut album which drops on Friday, May 12. So far, we've heard new songs "Sweet Creature" and "Ever Since New York."

Look out for Harry to be promoting the album on morning shows in lead up to the record, but until then check out a classic interview with Harry and his former band mates below: