May 1, 2017


'It Comes At Night' Trailer: Watch as Fear Turns Men Into Monsters

A24 continues to show just how much they rule Hollywood with the unveiling of their new movie, It Comes At Night. The trailer (released today) brings back the classic themes that make horror films so intriguing: creepy music, abandonded locations, questionable characters and perfectly timed fear jumps.

The mysterious Paul (played by Joel Edgerton) runs into in Will (Christopher Abbott) who is tied to a tree in the woods. He then decided to take Will and his family in his home as they try to seek refuge in a seemingly post-apocalyptic town. Things soon take a sharp turn as paranoia rises among the group and the question of trust arises.

It Comes At Night also stars Riley Keough, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Carmen Ejogo. Look out for the film, helmed by Krisha director Trey Edward Shults, on June 9. Keep the thrills going by watching actor/filmmaker Rider Strong break down his five favorite horror movies for Fuse: