May 12, 2017


Katy Perry's 'Bon Appetit' Video Feat. Migos Is a Freaky Food Fantasy

Katy Perry and Migos' culinary collab "Bon Appétit" just got a video, and if you can make it past the squelchy sounds of the intro (headphones NOT recommended), you'll find yourself on a fantastic, f-cked-up foodie voyage. (You can probably ignore that overeager NSFW logo unless you work at a preschool or something.)

Perry starts out in a skin-tone leotard like Major's thermoptic suit in Ghost in the Shell (see what we did there?) and gets her floured flesh kneaded like dough. Then she's doing the whole "Samantha serving sushi off her body in Sex and the City" thing before climbing into a boiling pot of Perry-stock (but in a fun way?) and having her tongue blowtorched like a fine crème brûlée. The "Bon Appétit" video gives us its chef's knife/cheese grater moments by shearing Katy's hair down to the close cut she's been rocking recently.

When Migos show up, we get the gift of an oyster saying Offset's name. We continue on to a smidge of of pole dancing, just in case any of this was too conceptual for you—but then it's back to weirdo-land as Katy closes shop with devilish glee at the fact she's about to dig into a big old pie with a foot and some fingers sticking out.

Katy Perry will close SNL's 42nd season on May 20 in a Dwayne Johnson–hosted episode.

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