May 10, 2017


Linkin Park Don't Want You To Feel 'Invisible' on New Song: Listen

Linkin Park continues to show just how much they don't give a f-ck about your nostalgic feelings with their new song "Invisible." The band has been straying away from their classic nu metal sound for a few years, but their upcoming album officially kicks that into the music grave.

"Invisible" is a tender, melodic track that aims to inspire. "I was not mad at youI was not trying to tear you down / The words that I could've used / I was too scared to say out loud / If I cannot break your fall / I'll pick you up right off the ground / If you felt invisible, I won't let you feel that now," they sing over the soaring production.

The song is yet another example of the band's more mainstream sound—but they don't care. Chester Bennington seemed annoyed with everyone comparing their new music to their nearly 17-year-old debut album. “When we made Hybrid Theory, I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early '20s. That’s why I guess I’m like: ‘Why are we still talking about Hybrid Theory?" he recently told Music Week. "It’s fucking years ago. It’s a great record, we love it. Like, move the fuck on.' You know what I mean?” In other words, get over it.

Linkin Park's seventh album, One More Light, is out on May 19. The project also features their "Good Goodbye" collaboration with Pusha T and Stormzy (which has a pretty sick video) "Heavy" alongside Kiiara and "Battle Symphony." The guys are also touring with Machine Gun Kelly across the nation this summer beginning July 27.

But before you have a chance to bark about how much LP has changed, go to a more blissful fan era with this Fuse interview with members Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn: