May 31, 2017


Lorde Invites Her NYC Smoothie Barista to Governors Ball

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

NYC has Governors Ball going down this weekend, and Lorde's out and about in the city. On Monday, for example, she went out for a blue velvet smoothie and ended up inviting her cashier to the fest.

"I was gonna ask u in the store if u wanted to come but I got shy!" the two-time GRAMMY winner slid into @ThatEmely's DM's to explain.

Live out the enchanting progression as if you yourself were Lorde's lucky new companion:

Lorde is very sweet. If you want to be more like her, Liquiteria's Blue Velvet smoothie of fate is simply acai, blueberries, coconut butter, coconut sugar, almond butter, vanilla whey protein and vanilla almond milk!

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