May 11, 2017


My Chemical Romance Reunited Last Night & Fans Are Freaking Out: See the Best Reactions

Steve Brown/Getty Images
Steve Brown/Getty Images

Did you wake up with the sudden urge to whip out your darkest eyeliner or perfect the spiked-bangs-in-the-eye look? Well you probably felt the spirit of My Chemical Romance, as the guys reunited last night! *Cue the screams*

Yes, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero were seen together last night to support Iero's band Frank Iero And The Patience at their Los Angeles concert. The former band mates are still good friends and appeared to be all smiles as they enjoyed the show. Naturally, fans snapped photos of the reunion and it spread on Twitter almost as intense as the Black Parade itself.

While it's exciting that MCR publicly reunited, this doesn't mean they are officially coming together for new music. Last November, guitarist Ray Toro shut those rumors down after they dropped a subliminal teaser for the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade album. “I feel like that took everybody aback,” Toro told NME about the speculation. “I don’t think we realized how dramatic that teaser trailer was. We were just looking for a cool way to announce the 10th anniversary—and we were all just blown away by the reaction.”

So there may not be a reunion coming any time soon, but at least we have these pictures to enjoy right? Dig into the best fan reactions below:

MCR disbanded in 2013, with some of the members going on solo ventures. Ray Toro's debut album Remember The Laughter was released last November, while Frank Iero and the Patience are still going strong after their freak accident. As for Gerard Way? He dropped two new songs as part of Record Store Day 2017.

Keep the nostalgia rolling with this throwback video where My Chemical Romance talk their breakout album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004: