May 10, 2017


Colbert Hosts Huge 'Daily Show' Reunion With Stewart, Oliver, Sam Bee, Ed Helms & Rod Corddry

It feels like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been "reuniting" a lot lately, but Tuesday night brought a genuine, full-on, nostalgia-blasting Daily Show reunion. Joining the 13-minute segment in addition to its previous host and the Colbert Show maestro were Samantha Bee (2003-'15, the show's longest-running correspondent), John Oliver (2006-'13), Ed Helms and Rod Corddry, both 2002-'06. All are now very individually famous and successful. Good job, everyone.

"I wanna start off by saying, this arrangement we have right now is exactly something we would've made fun of on the Daily Show," Colbert says at the start, surveying his white former co-workers. Stewart rejoins: "I think the thing that I'm proudest of from The Daily Show was diversity."

Get the old-school vibes flowing at the 3:35-mark above, where a montage of their old correspondent segments kicks off. Part two, below, wraps with a beloved 2001 segment with Stewart and Colbert.

Keep chilling in the past with this old-school White Guy Talk Show interview with Rob Corddry in a nail salon: