May 15, 2017


'Stranger Things 2' Will Have People 'Pissed Off, Elated & Excited'

Courtesy Netflix
Courtesy Netflix

Stranger Things actor David Harbour plays Chief Hopper in the Netflix series/professional '80s horror karaoke sesh (and most likely Hellboy in the near future). In a new interview with Deadline, the 42-year-old actor says Season 2—also known simply as Stranger Things 2—will upset and overjoy fans:

"We’re going to take a lot of risks. I think people are going to be pissed off by things. I think they are going to be elated and excited about things. It’s all further in terms of going on this journey."

Speaking to Fuse last week, Finn Wolfhard, who plays protagonist Mike Wheeler, confirmed that the storylines will go darker in ST2, "but I guarantee if you liked Season 1 you will love every minute of Season 2."

In terms of what changed from last year's inconspicuous premiere to this Halloween's new arc (aside from "the kids are on Instagram a lot more"), Harbour feels more personally petrified of screwing up:

"We feel an obligation to the people. I’m terrified in that way. I’m more afraid this season than I was last. I was very afraid last season, but I’m more afraid this season because we’re very aware we do not want a sophomore slump. Each scene I’m thinking a lot more specifically, and I’m thinking a lot harder. We feel the ownership of this great thing and the camaraderie, and also we feel this pressure."

As for Hopper himself, Harbour says his new status as a hero has led to a "reawakening" but "delusions of what that might bring to you, and the fantasy life that might be dangerous." There shall be "pitfalls of that."

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