May 3, 2017


Sum 41 Throw a Skatepark Rager With Superfans for 'Goddamn I'm Dead Again'

For their new video from 2016 comeback album 13 Voices, Sum 41 have dropped "Goddamn I'm Dead Again." The clip opens with frontman Deryck Whibley exhorting the band's superfans—er, Skumfuks—to come out to a Sunday video shoot. ("LET'S PARTY!")

The band enters a skater's paradise, all graffiti and concrete, and seconds later an army of people who've listened to All Killer No Filler 9 million times runs in to rage. You'll see Does This Look Infected? shirts, Left Shark, people making the throw-money-in-the-strip-club move, fistfuls of metal horns and some classic shake-your-rubbery-face-in-slo-mo action.

And guitars getting smashed to shit. A funner time's hard to imagine.

On Twitter, the band said "it was such a blast having so many fans there to be a part of it" and "this one is for the fans and by the fans!" Whibley also said there are zero non-fan extras.

Sum 41 are on tour with Pierce the Veil in the U.S. through May 26. Get the dates here, and flash back a decade with this vintage Fuse interview, which gets into the departure of Dave "Brownsound" Dave Baksh, who recently returned: