May 2, 2017


'The Dark Tower' Drops Two Ominous Teasers Ahead of Wednesday's Trailer: Watch

The Dark Tower has finally released not one, but two teasers ahead of the anticipated trailer premiere tomorrow, May 3. Matthew McConaughey (who plays the wicked Man in Black) and Idris Elba (a.k.a the protagonist Roland the Gunslinger) had social media in a frenzy when they unexpectedly dropped the new clips on Twitter.

The first shows a brooding McConaughey musing over the war as he treads through dead bodies in the snow. "The Dark Tower will fall," he says. The second stars Elba in his full badass form as he, well, slings pistols like no other. Keep your eyes peeled on that standalone door marked "1919," which will surely have superfans geeking out! While both the teasers only run for 15 seconds, they're just enough to hold you over for sure-to-be fiery trailer. 

The adaptation of Stephen King's classic series was initially set for a Feb. 17 release, but was later pushed back to July. Now, you can officially look for The Dark Tower (directed and co-written by Nikolaj Arcel) in theaters on August 4. Check out the actors' competitive Twitter exchange below:

Shift gears slightly by watching our chat with Matthew McConaughey, where he and his Gold cast members break down their roles in the January '17 film: