May 15, 2017


'The Purge' TV Show Has a Surprising Premise

Universal Pictures on YouTube
Universal Pictures on YouTube

The Purge isn't content to just release movies into infinity, instead adding a TV show to expand the lore. Today we got the concept, and it's as intriguing as it is simple: the series will be about the 364 days of the year when people aren't living a lawless existence and committing all their favorite crimes for a hot 12 hours. Because you know people are all fucked up before and after the Purge, too.

“How does this awful law affect America the rest of the time?” Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum said at the NBC/Universal upfronts today. We'll find out soon.

The Purge TV show was announced in April and will air on both Syfy and USA. Because there's nobody better to have on hand than the guy who wrote and directed all three Purge movies, James DeMonaco is writing, directing and executive producing. He's also making the fourth movie right now, due next year.

DeMonaco recently told Entertainment Weekly:

"What’s great about Purge [on] TV is that the 10 hours they’ll be giving us, it allows us to explore character, why someone on this night would do something so heinous as pick up a gun or a knife and do something. It’s exciting because it opens up the idea in a way that I couldn’t do in a 95-minute movie.”

The three Purge films, released in 2013, '14 and '16, have made $216 million in America and $320 million globally.

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