May 31, 2017


'Wonder Woman' Is Now Officially Banned In Lebanon

Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment
Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment

After protests and uproars, Wonder Woman is now banned in Lebanon right before it was meant to premiere tonight in Beirut (May 31). So what's the reason for this decision? Lebanese group Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon had issue with Gal Gadot.

The actress, who is the leading star of the Warner Bros.' movie, is Israeli and served in the country's military. Lebanon and Israel have been in an ongoing war since 2006 and had political conflicts for decades prior. Lebanon exhibitor Grand Cinemas announced the ban on Twitter earlier today.

According to Deadline, Wonder Woman was only set to play in a mere 15 locations in the territory. So in the grand scheme of things it won't make a big dent in the international box office sales, but it still raises important concerns of if the ban was even necessary. Lebanon has previously played Gadot's other films (Furious 7, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fast and Furious 6 and Fast Five).

The ban comes after another frustrating drama surrounding the recent all-female screenings of the movie. After Alamo Drafthouse announced their special showings in Austin, Texas last week, men foolishly took offense. Last December, Wonder Woman was dropped from her position as United Nations honorary ambassador, just two months after she was chosen to represent for gender equality. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman will premiere on June 2 and is predicted to make over $175 million globally in the box office.

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