May 25, 2017


'X-Men: The New Mutants' Is a 'Full-Fledged Horror Movie' Without Costumes or Supervillains


How do you set yourself apart in a world increasingly jam-packed with X-Men projects? Make something straight-up terrifying (and not in an Apocalypse-might-ruin-the-world sense).

“We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,” writer/director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) tells Entertainment Weekly of the film starring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy (Split, Barry) as Magik. Boone goes on: 

“There are no costumes. There are no supervillains. We’re trying to do something very, very different. ... We love that Fox wants to make all these different X-Men spinoffs as drastically different as they can.”

Boone cites 1984's The New Mutants #18 as the inception of “a darker and more surreal and impressionistic X-Men series than we’d ever seen before. It felt like Stephen King meets John Hughes.” (Intriguingly, Boone has writer/director gigs on adaptations of The Stand and Lisey's Story, two of Stephen "Master of Horror" King's best non-horror tales.)

To land the New Mutants gig, Boone and co-writer/BFF-since-childhood Knate Lee made a comic book showcasing their vision. Their enthusiasm is total, evidenced by Boone's reasoning behind taking the gig:

"You can’t have a bigger nerd or fan making this. It’s so important to me. I’m not the 12-year-old who decided to write Stephen King a letter and loved Marvel Comics anymore, but I try to hold myself accountable to that kid. Because that kid is what keeps me from becoming a Hollywood whore [laughs]. I look back and think: Would he think this would be cool? Would he proud of me? Did I fulfill the dream we had when we were kids?”

The New Mutants is being targeted for a PG-13 release next spring. Also coming to the big screen are an X-Force film, the Channing Tatum–starring Gambit movie and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a sequel to 2016's Apocalypse. We've also got The Gifted coming to Fox, and  Legion just wrapped its first season on FX.

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