Adam Lambert Doesn't Give 'Two Fux' On Sassy New Song: Listen

Adam Lambert is ready to kick off the summer in the most confident way, thanks to his new single "Two Fux." The pop powerhouse brushes off the haters who have issues with his life choices ever so casually atop a soaring, electric guitar-dotted production."If you think that what I do and how I live's too much / I don't really really give two fux / If you think that what I say and what I give ain't love / I don't really really give two fux / Here, right here, right here / Namaste right here, right here, right here / Ooh ooh ooh," Lambert belts on the chorus. 

The singer co-wrote "Two Fux" with Ferras, Sarah Hudson, Big Taste and Trey Campbell. "I’m just going to do my shit and not really make any apologies for it—not really try to be such a people pleaser," Lambert told about the track. "I think everyone has these upswings and downswings in their life where they’re trying to figure out where they’re at, and right now I’m at a place of feeling a lot more self-assured."