June 28, 2017


The 10 Best Movies of 2017 So Far

#1'Get Out'

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This movie is, simply, brilliant. A masterful exploration of the concepts of racism, theft/enslavement of Black bodies, appropriation and microaggressions, Jordan Peele’s Get Out takes white liberalism to task. Peele makes it a point to not allow viewers to experience these uncomfortable subjects against the typical background of antebellum plantation-style slavery of centuries past; instead, moviegoers of all races are forced to acknowledge the endless daily subtle (and overt) examples of racism experienced by people of color. Wrapping up all of these subjects in the tension-filled horror film genre, with a comedic-relief twist (thanks to the hilarious antics of co-star Lil Rel Howery), makes Get Out not only a clever and timely film, but one that is truly transcendent. –Shana Pinnock

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