June 13, 2017


'Behind the Sightings' Trailer Dramatizes Those Creepy Clown-in-the-Woods Stories

Those creepy clown appearances in the American South are becoming a faux documentary called Behind the Sightings. The studio seems like it would love us to Blair Witch–ishly mistake this one as legit, saying it's "based on over 112 hours of footage recovered from the personal belongings of aspiring filmmakers Todd and Jessica Smith." In reality it's the writing/directing debut for Tony Cadwell, who's out here giving quotes like, "I can only hope that by showing their work to the world, maybe, just maybe, it will help their family find peace."

So yeah, the Smiths, a married couple, are almost certainly sentenced to death in Behind the Sightings. Their close encounters with clown-kind in the 77-second teaser point that way, as does the classic "dropped my camera all slanty on the ground when I got murdered" move.

“This is not fake news, Behind the Sightings is centered around the terrifying clown sightings that shook the world last year, and an eager couple swept up in all the phenomenon," producer Tommy Vlahopoulos tells Bloody Disgusting.

In September 2016, New Line, the studio behind the remake of Stephen King's It, came out to tell promo conspiracists they're "absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings." King even talked to the Bangor Daily News about the sightings. 

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