June 19, 2017


10 Times Firefly Music Fest 2017 Felt Just Like Summer Camp

Being a Bronx native, there has never been a bone in my body that was interested in going camping. But I found myself thrown deep into The Woodlands during Firefly Music Fest 2017 this weekend that changed my outlook on being one with the outdoors.

The festival became the camping experience I never had, which ended up being quite the thrilling ride! Artists like Bleachers and The Shins were one with the crowd, blending in as they enjoyed the festival without the typical air of arrogance some would expect from big-time stars. And there was a sense of comfort as people were willing to help others when needed, whether they knew them or not. From delicious treats to the generosity of new friends, I rounded up all the times that Firefly felt like one big summer camp.

1. Joy All Around: Living in New York City, you unfortunately get used to constant attitude and bad manners from your fellow city folks. But Firefly was the complete opposite. Every single person I encountered—from the security guards to the kids coming home from college—was genuinely nice and sparked fun conversations that I'll never forget!

2. The Best Grub: The festival had amazing food options, from duck fat fries to fried alligator and stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches. Is this what camp food is really like? If so, I've been missing out for a long time.

3. Puppies!: There's no better way to put a smile on someone's face than with puppies! The Zen Den close to the artist compound was filled with the most adorable little faces who loved being cuddled.

4. A Fun Relaxer: The Nook, one of the more underrated areas at the festival, was set deeper in the woods that gave people a change to take a breather. Swinging on the hammock as the breeze flowed through my hair was the ultimate relaxing experience.

5. Hippie Fashions: The festival-goers showed off their kooky style that included tie-dye shirts, palazzo pants with vibrant prints, tons of glitter and tons of all-American pride outfits. Out of all the festivals I've been too so far, Firefly definitely has some of the best fashion.

6. Falling In Love: It was so endearing to see couples in a loving embrace as they showered each other with kisses. I could imagine this was what Woodstock felt like for our parents.

7. Getting Itchy: Okay, not every aspect was fun! The amount of mosquitos that riddled my body with bites was ungodly. But thank goodness for our Fuse team for always being prepared with bug spray.

8. Would You Be My Friend?: One of my co-workers and I had a special bonding moment when he presented me with a friendship bracelet! It's a gift that I'll cherish forever (or until it accidentally falls off my wrist).

9. Let's Play A Game: If you didn't want to catch a particular artist's set, there were plenty of other options to choose from. Attendees were spotted hula hooping, playing ping pong and cornhole and even braiding each others hair.

10. Bringing Back to the '90s: During Maggie Rogers' performance, she was joined by her friend Fletcher on stage for a girly and fun cover of Spice Girls' "Wannabe." And of course, everyone sang along to every word!

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