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Firefly 2017

The Most Delicious Treats at Firefly Music Fest 2017, Ranked

Aside from the music, people go to festivals for the desserts...right?! Here's our roundup of the tastiest treats Dover, DE had to offer

6 / 6

Humpty Dumplings' Cheesecake Dumpling


Fun fact: I don't like cheesecake! But I decided to step outside my comfort zone to see what Humpty Dumplings had to offer at Firefly Music Fest 2017. There was a cheesecake dumpling that my friend (and Fuse social media manager Brooke Bunce) said reminded her of a dessert from Applebee's. That restaurant can do no wrong in my eyes, so I stepped in line to try it out. Yet as soon as I bit into the chewy fried dumpling donut, I had a feeling this wasn't for me. The filling was too rich and it would've been better if there were bits of fresh fruit combined inside.—Bianca Gracie

5 / 6

Sweet Tooth's Root Beer Float


Call me simple, but put ice cream and soda (I call it "pop") together and I'm there. On a muggy Friday at Firefly Festival, a scoop of pure vanilla ice cream dunked in a tall glass of root, topped with a generous pile of whipped cream (from the can, none of that fancy homemade stuff) and a bright red maraschino cherry was everything I could have wanted in life. The satisfying combination was finished within 5 minutes.—Brooke Bunce

4 / 6

The Loving Cup's Butterbeer Frappé


Getting this ice-cold frappé on Saturday, the hottest day of the festival, was the best decision I could ever make in that moment. The Loving Cup's treat had the perfect blend of bitter coffee and sugary sweetness from the toffee/caramel syrup that cured all my sweaty woes. Plus the generous dollop of fresh whipped cream didn't hurt either!—Bianca Gracie

3 / 6

Sweet Tooth's S'mores Nachos


I'm a HUGE sucker for chocolate and would be willing to try almost anything covered in its ooey-gooey goodness. So when I saw that Sweet Tooth was selling s'mores nachos, I made a run for it! It was rich perfection, with the incredible combination of melted chocolate, marshmallows, crushed Oreos and peanut better which was placed atop graham crackers. Yes please!—Bianca Gracie

2 / 6

Lil Pop Shop's Strawberry Rhubarb & Rosé Lemonade Popsicles


The temperature at Firefly this year was at devilish levels, which called for anything frozen. You could tell these popsicles were made with fresh ingredients that made you feel better about eating something so indulgent. The combination of succulent berries and tart rhubarb, as well as bubbly rosé wine and crisp lemonade, was the best cure for the heat.—Bianca Gracie

1 / 6

Coolhaus' Ice Cream Sandwich


When the temperatures at the fest rocketed to 90 degrees, all my body wanted was to cool down in any way possible. Enter Coolhaus, the LA-based ice cream company known for their "sammies," or ice cream sandwiches. The Coolhaus truck, nestled next to the Coffeehouse Stage, allowed festivalgoers to choose what kind of cookie they wanted hugging their choice of ice cream. I decided to be sophisticated in hopes that it would distract people from the layer of sweat and grime covering my body; I went with double chocolate cookies and balsamic fig mascarpone ice cream. Despite the treat melting into a puddle in maybe 60 seconds flat, it was still one of the best things I ate at Firefly.—Brooke Bunce

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