June 19, 2017


The Most Delicious Treats at Firefly Music Fest 2017, Ranked

#1Humpty Dumplings' Cheesecake Dumpling

Fun fact: I don't like cheesecake! But I decided to step outside my comfort zone to see what Humpty Dumplings had to offer at Firefly Music Fest 2017. There was a cheesecake dumpling that my friend (and Fuse social media manager Brooke Bunce) said reminded her of a dessert from Applebee's. That restaurant can do no wrong in my eyes, so I stepped in line to try it out. Yet as soon as I bit into the chewy fried dumpling donut, I had a feeling this wasn't for me. The filling was too rich and it would've been better if there were bits of fresh fruit combined inside.—Bianca Gracie

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