June 26, 2017


'Fuller House' Season 3 Will Premiere on a Special Date That Fans Will Love

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Netflix announced the Season 3 premiere of Fuller House, and the date will surely warm the hearts of longtime fans of the franchise. Part one of the 18-episode season will return on September 22, which also marks the 30th anniversary of Full House's premiere on ABC.

D.J. Tanner (or Candace Cameron Bure) also revealed the news with a fun throwback photo on Instagram today. "Mark your calendars for September 22nd! Not only will Full House turn 30 years old- but @fullerhouse Season 3 (part 1) will also premiere on @netflix!!! #ThrowBack #FirstNineEpisodes#Part1 🤗🏡," she excitedly wrote.

Fuller House made its Netflix debut on Feb. 26, 2016 with the holiday-themed second season premiere following last December. We also got the cool news that Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, was preparing to buy the original and iconic Tanner home in San Francisco for $4.15 million. "It's a shame to let it sit empty," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I will be renting it out, but I'm not sure yet what, where, when or how. At some point soon I will figure that out." 

He wants to change the house's interior to match the series and already had an idea for the Full House 30th anniversary on Sept. 22, 2017. "That will be around the time that all of my construction will be done," Franklin explained. "So I hope to bring the cast up to the house and have a big slumber party here so people can drive by and actually see the Tanner family living there for one whole day. That would be pretty fun."

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