June 18, 2017


Future LGBTQ History Month: Bianca Del Rio's Powerful Promise

Chris Pavlich/Newspix/Getty Images
Chris Pavlich/Newspix/Getty Images

Fuse is celebrating Pride Month by looking at a variety of rising forces who are creating Future LGBTQ History before our eyes. More than two decades ago, RuPaul proved that a drag queen could reach superstar status when she scored a hit single, TV talk show, radio show and major acting roles. Since 2009, the world's most famous drag queen has been helping give a platform to other rising, talented queens with the growingly sensational reality series RuPaul's Drag Race with one its reigning champions proving how far that opportunity can go.

Bianca Del Rio was an instant standout in Season 6 of Drag Race with the insult comic winning over fans with her tough attitude and pristinely executed work, and eventually becoming the series' first Hispanic winner. Throughout the competition, viewers watched Ms. Del Rio (neé Roy Haylock) melt her icy exterior and sometimes-too-real demeanor to prove herself as a genuine and fair competitor—notably lending competitor Adore Delano a waist cincher after Delano got multiple critiques calling for one. During the pre-finale episode, Bianca herself even reflected on the show that during the competition she learned more about herself and opened up her caring side further proving that becoming "America's next drag superstar" isn't just about good dresses and jokes—both which Bianca does have, make no mistake.

Bianca's taken her mindset and parlayed that into one of the most impressive post–Drag Race careers the show has seen. While many drag queens perform or tour together, the New Orleans native has gone on international, sold-out, solo tours with her most recent Not Today Satan comedy show taking her through North America, Australia and Europe. Meanwhile, Del Rio also starred in her own independent film, Hurricane Bianca, co-starring Rachel Dratch and Alan Cumming with its budget met by extensive crowdfunding from fans and supporters. 

Through her success, Bianca has always focused on moving ahead, aiming higher with her goals while still remaining true to who she is as a person. As she told Queerty last year, "I have to work harder now than ever because there’s more people out there and more people that want to see you so a little more time and prep and planning goes into it, but [RuPaul's Drag Race is] an unbelievable golden ticket and I try to keep it as fresh and true to myself as possible. It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. I learned that at an early age, so you either like it or you don’t." In the same interview, Bianca shared was considering quitting drag at age 40, but the now-41-year-old is seemingly only reaching her stride. As her career continues forward, no doubt will she push boundaries and explore exciting new places for drag performers and LGBTQ people to conquer all while acting as an example on staying true to oneself no matter your place in life.

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