June 1, 2017


Future LGBTQ History Month: Troye Sivan's Necessary Voice

Christian Gilles/Newspix/Getty Images
Christian Gilles/Newspix/Getty Images

Fuse is celebrating Pride Month by looking at a variety of rising forces who are creating Future LGBTQ History before our eyes. From the very start of his music career, Troye Sivan has been an out, loud and proud singer thanks to growing up on YouTube. The Australian YouTuber-turned-singer uses same-sex pronouns, but sings and writes about topics and experiences in a way that is so universal that anyone can relate. The 21-year-old has acquired a massive online following (including 6.7 million YouTube subscribers, 7.2 million Instagram followers and 5.2 million Twitter followers) with his star only rising since his first Top 40 hit "Youth" and the quickly rising collaboration "There for You" with Martin Garrix.

But Sivan is doing more than just being a rising pop sensation who happens to be gay. While superstars like Sam Smith and Frank Ocean skirted around the question during their rise, Troye has kept has always kept his sexuality and identity at the forefront of his career. Some of his most notable and visible moments came when he is seen cutely cozying up to his male co-sta in his "Youth" video, rocking nail polish on the cover of V magazine and in an American Eagle campaign, or when Kia gave him the 'One to Watch' honor at 2016 Billboard Music Awards—lots of things most LGBTQ musicians probably thought unimaginable even a decade ago. Meanwhile, Troye has also explored the not-so-glamorous areas that LGBTQ people deal with like homophobia (his gorgeous trilogy of Blue Neighbourhood videos for "Wild," "Fools" and "Talk Me Down" detailed two boys' complicated relationship dealing with one's homophobic and abusive father) or religious reckoning (His song "Heaven" is centered around the common question gay people wonder, "Without losing a piece of me / How do I get to heaven?").

While he's very good at it, Troye isn't just here to be the uplifting friend we all need, he's here to also be that friend that makes us listen even if when it's uncomfortable. The singer commonly speaks about politicsgun control and encourages his fans to get involved. He stood up for those who need his help by donating a portion of every ticket sold on his 2016 Suburbia Tour to the Ally Coalition and, when possible, he made the bathrooms at each venue gender neutral—both major ways for a star to help out those in the community.

GLAAD's President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said Troye "embodies a generation of LGBTQ youth who are unapologetic, outspoken, and proud to be who they are." With growing visibility and opportunities, Troye Sivan will continue becoming a name and face people continue to recognize with his confident identity and empathetic mindset at the forefront. No doubt, he'll set the stage for more queer musicians to live similarly loud lives and lead to a more inclusive, diverse mainstream pop scene. 

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