June 8, 2017


G-Dragon Makes His Solo Return With 'Kwon Ji Yong' Album & 'Untitled 2014' Video

One of K-pop's biggest and most creative superstars returns today to show the world even more sides of himself.

G-Dragon released his new EP titled Kwon Ji Yong, his first solo release in nearly four years, that's led by the harrowing new single "Untitled, 2014." The stark piano ballad reads like a letter to a past lover with the BIGBANG leader apologizing for his past actions, asking for forgiveness and the chance to see his ex again even if it's just one more time or in his dreams. Without any percussion or beat, the song is simply just GD and the piano making the single most comparable to Adele's emotional megahit "Someone Like You" that also only encompassed the two instruments.

Its accompanying video is also a no-frills affair with gorgeous, sunset-soaked projections soaring around the K-pop superstar as he delivers his honest confessions to keep the viewer focused on the song's meaning rather than be distracted by captivating visuals.

Kwon Ji Yong is titled after G-Dragon's legal Korean name with the five-track EP highlighting some of G-Dragon's biggest strengths as a forward-thinking hip-hop maestro (see the intense "Bullsh*t") and self-assured superstar (the introduction track "Middle Fingers-Up" is a confident anthem), with "Untitled, 2014" counteracting those harder tracks to spotlight GD's less-seen tender side.

With Kwon Ji Yong already racing to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums ranking, it's clear that G-Dragon fans have been long awaiting his solo return and this should lead to a slew of exciting new material for the star when he hits America for his massive arena tour this summer. 

Check out the dates for G-Dragon's upcoming tour here. Below, stream Kwon Ji Yong via Apple Music and then watch a classic Fuse interview with G-Dragon where he reacted to his initial overseas interest.